Uses of Oracy Conference - Roundtable 1 - What More Can Be Done to Promote Speech in Schools?

What More Can Be Done to Promote Speech in Schools?

Who were the speakers? 
Ian Cushing is is a Senior Lecturer in English and Education at Edge Hill University, research focuses on how historical and contemporary language education policies are shaped by language ideologies, and how these are harmful to racially marginalised students and teachers. His work has appeared in journals such as Language in Society, Literacy, British Educational Research Journal andLanguage Policy. 
Beccy Earnshaw is CEO and director of Voice 21, the UK's only oracy education charity, whose mission is to transform the learning and life chances of young people through talk, through partnerships with teachers and schools. 
Arlene Holmes-Henderson (chair): is Senior Research Fellow on the Speaking Citizens project and a leading expert in Classics education, holding posts at the Universities of Sussex and Oxford.  
Sarah Lambert is an experienced English teacher and examiner who currently teaches English, Latin and HPQ/EPQ at Dubai College (UAE). Sarah is also responsible for competitive university applications and is a Specialist Leader in Education, focusing on Oracy and Harkness. Founder of the Dubai Oracy Hub, Sarah champions the use of talk in classrooms to enhance learning and develop students' confidence in using their voices and listening to the views of others; Sarah’s MSc research looked at the positive impact of Harkness lessons on students’ confidence and her NPQSL project focused on embedding oracy in KS3 lessons across departments. 


Where Can I Find Out More? 
For more about Voice21's activities click here.
For more information on the Harkness method see Philip Exeter academy's resources here.
Ian Cushing and Julia Snell 'Ofsted has been dictating what proper English is. Here's Why That's a Problem', The Conversation, 28 March 2022 link here
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Amy Gaunt & Alice Stott, Transform Teaching and Learning through Talk: The Oracy Imperative (2018) read extracts here
Alexis Wiggins, The Best Class You Never Taught: How Spider Web Discussion Can Turn Students into Learning Leaders (ASCD, 2017) extracts available here
The Language Revolution podcast, link here